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he journey with Connection, was started it in the summer of 2001 with great appetite for creation. We had the dream of making a bar oasis that could mix your desires for unforgettable summer nights with our imagination.

The leaders of this idea: Kostas and Alexandra.
After many years working at bars and various Greek halls, they decided to transfer their experience to this beautiful part of Corfu in Benitses.

Finding friends who had the same way of thinking as they did, created the ideal team to share with you the most spirited nights of your life.

Very soon Connection Bar was named as the hottest bar in Benitses having put its own stamp on quality entertainment and enjoyment.

And music we could not play anything but qualitative!

With lounge style, we are also recommended for your evenings, so you can enjoy classic and especially cocktails under the sounds of funk, jazz, soul and rock music, without missing out on some tough choices of contemporary music for your entertainment.

We created an atmosphere that travels the mind and the senses, with the intention of revealing lost and forgotten treasures from the most musical journeys in decades… 70s-80s-90s, is one of the many reasons we hhave been accountable for 20+ consecutive years.

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